Looking for a League to play in? BB2Leaguemanager currently is hosting the Leaderboards of the following leagues :

pc   BBL     Blood Bull Liga   Standings | Latest Games
pc   BBTactics     Blood Bowl Tactics   Standings | Latest Games
pc   C.R.I.P.P.L.E.D.     Courageous Rehabilitated Impaired Persons Playing Lame Enfeebled or Dead   Standings | Latest Games
pc   CCC     City Chiefs Championship   Standings | Latest Games
pc   Dauntless Athletic League     Dauntless Athletic League   Standings | Latest Games
pc   DBBL     deutsche Bloodbowl League   Standings | Latest Games
pc   Franco Bowl     Franco Bowl   Standings | Latest Games
pc   GOBBLN     GOBBLN   Standings | Latest Games
pc   Kartoffelbowl     Kartoffelbowl   Standings | Latest Games
pc   Le Casque Sanglant     Le Casque Sanglant   Standings | Latest Games
pc   Liga Punta de Lanza     Liga Punta de Lanza   Standings | Latest Games
pc   NATTS     North American TTS League   Standings | Latest Games
pc   OCC     Orca Cola Championship   Standings | Latest Games
pc   ReBBL     Reddit eternal Blood Bowl league   Standings | Latest Games
pc   REBBLL     Reddit Eternal Blood Bowl Lineman League   Standings | Latest Games
pc   REBBRL     Reddit eternal Blood Bowl Rookie League   Standings | Latest Games
pc   RPG Codex League     RPG Codex League   Standings | Latest Games
pc   RPS     RPS Divisions of Death   Standings | Latest Games
pc   TBBL     Twitch BloodBowl League   Standings | Latest Games
pc   USAB     USAB   Standings | Latest Games
ps4   MML     Mead & Mayhem League   Standings | Latest Games
ps4   MML Blitz!     MML Blitz!   Standings | Latest Games
ps4   NBP     Nuffle Be Praised   Standings | Latest Games

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